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Announcements: 26th September, 2007
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Typo in lecture 5:
σ is the atomic diameter, not the atomic radius as stated in lecture. The linked notes have been corrected.

Schedule for holidays now posted.
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    Check out the "Underground notes" which are full of useful notes, movies and animations.
    Diatomic gas
    Some movies that show the rotational and vibrational modes of a diatomic molecule.
    Use this Quiz Re-evaluation Form to submit regrade requests. Requests are due by 2nd lecture after quizzes are returned.
    Practice Problem/Old Quizzes
    Practice final
    Practice final for SS1 (ignore nuclear problem)
    Formula sheet from previous 7A class
    Here is the final and the associated solutions for this quarter. Enjoy the break!

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    A "checklist" for the mathematics required for Physics 7A can be found on the math review sheet.
    Download graph paper here.
    This is a nice online phyics text, similar in conceptual format to the 7 series.

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